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SixCube 六方格空間

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    Hardest Game Ever 2 史上最牛的遊戲2


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    注冊日期 : 2009-03-14

    Hardest Game Ever 2 史上最牛的遊戲2 Empty Hardest Game Ever 2 史上最牛的遊戲2

    發表  sixcube 周四 五月 23, 2013 9:41 am

    [float=left][您必需注冊登錄才能查看本鏈接。][/float]Hardest Game Ever 2 is a series of fun and exciting mini-game that measures your reaction time to the milliseconds and pixels! See how fast you can slap and how sharp is your reaction to catch the eggs before they touch the floor in milliseconds! Hardest Game Ever 2 promises to bring you hours of adrenaline drain! Challenge your family and friends and find out who's got the fastest reaction on iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android! 史 上最牛的遊戲2是一系列有趣和激動人心的小遊戲,測量您的反應時間(毫秒)和分辨力!看看您的擊打速度有多快以及在雞蛋觸及地面之前接住它們的反應有多快...


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