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    History of Mahjong Connect


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    注冊日期 : 2009-03-14

    History of Mahjong Connect Empty History of Mahjong Connect

    發表  sixcube 周日 4月 28, 2013 6:46 pm

    History of Mahjong Connect K20071219112236
    Mahjong connect has become one of the most addictive puzzle games in the world. It is played in almost every part of the world today. It is fun and easy to play once you understand its rules. Thisarticle gives you the necessary information you need to know about mahjong.


    Mahjong connect is an imitation of the real mahjong game that used to be played around shanghai china in about 2,000 years ago. This game was exclusively popular among the Chinese people but after the end of the 18th century, it spread to Japan. It is particularly famous because it demands a lot of patience, strategy and techniques. In fact, before it was adopted by Japan, it used to be exclusively a royal game. Due to this exclusivity, historians have had a hard time tracing its evolution. It had so many restrictions that even Chinese played it in very exclusive events.


    Mahjong connect as it is known today arrived at the western world in later years. By this time, most of its rules had changed but it still retained its original characteristics. The original mahjong used to be played with 144 pieces of tiles that were made with ivory. However, this changed following the ban of usage of ivory globally. People started making tiles with other materials that could be costly at times depending on their quality. This game consists of a board with 140 tiles arranged in a particular order to form the required shape. The tiles are arranged systematically with the vertical row carrying 10 tiles while the horizontal row holds 14 tiles. Just like the original mahjong, this game involves virtually all the tiles from the set. These tiles are arranged and given names to identify the set for example, there is the dragon, seasons, flowers and more.


    Mahjong connect involves very limited movements while trying to make connects. The player is supposed to remove the adjoining tiles in case he intends to remove the tile that is in between them. The rules of this game are strictly followed. For example, the player can only play around with the tiles arranged on a perimeter. Again, for the player to advance in the game, he has to click on any other tile that matches with the tiles on the same row. The player is also allowed to connect the tiles if he can manage to make the connecting move within 3 steps. What's worse, he is not allowed to connect tiles no matter how close they are to each other if he can't do so in three steps.

    Mahjong connect[/url] is now available online. Playing mahjong connect[/url] on a computer requires you to connect within the set time.

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